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The Partners for Network Improvement (PNI) team is based at the University of Pittsburgh’s Learning Research and Development Center, an internationally-renowned engine for interdisciplinary learning research. Led by Jennifer Russell, one of the key developers of the Network Improvement Community Initiation and Development Framework, PNI both supports network developers in their work to design, implement and adapt complex education change goals and contributes insights to the broader field of networks and improvement science as models for sustainable and scaled improvement. PNI offers research-grounded thought partnership and network evaluation services. PNI has developed and identified critical tools and routines to help network leaders design and implement powerful models for improvement using a network model and deploys these tools across a range of networks to learn how design and context shapes efficacy to inform the field.

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Jen Iriti, Jenn Russell, Courtney Long, Jen Sherer & Chris Matthis

Thought partnership during design and implementation phases of change efforts employing a network approach. Our team brings to bear experience and expertise from a wide range of network initiatives that we have supported and studied as well as research and evaluation design expertise.

Evaluation that supports learning and adaptation during implementation. We employ evaluation models that can accommodate the complex systems change often involved in change efforts using networks and focus on leveraging the learnings for real-time adaptation. Our approaches draw on state-of-the art tools we have developed and co-developed with colleagues for assessing network health and include both qualitative and quantitative data.

Research that sheds light on networks and networked improvement communities to support field-building so that the next generation of networks in education can be more effective and sustainable.

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